Governance, Risk, Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services provide assistance to tackle wide range of risk, governance, compliance and regulatory reporting gaps, issues and constraints. Clients can take advantage of our fixed fee, fixed period option for assisting with GRC topics.

Improvements to trading platform operation require a close eye on evolving risk. Our resources have come with wide experience operating in Americas, Asia and Africa and are well versed in Market Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk involved in Stock Trading,  Documentation, Settlement. The team uses integrated methodology to proactively review strategic and operational risk in process changes and provide coherent Internal Controls assertions to internal managers.

GRC services is a customized solution to address specific sector topics. Through our capital market expertise companies receive advisory services to help address critical issues, streamline business processes and achieve a cheat report on governance, risk and compliance topics. Our services address three market sectors:

–Stock Markets/Exchanges

–Financial Market Commission