Risk Management Services

Enterprise Risk Management(ERM) is a fundamental component of our Capital Markets offering for businesses getting on to private and public offering similar to private placement and IPO.

We do a deep analysis of local market regulatory requirements, provide business report cards on current and future risks  involved for the equity holders, investors and general public. We help companies rectify critical gaps and update benchmarks. Engagement with ERM is a critical feature of going ‘public’.

Among our delivered services, we have most a time tested E2GF SWOT analysis tool-kit. Key best practices consistent with benchmark is published to the company for continuous improvement prior to considering to go ‘public.

ERM services covers a full SWOT analysis providing specific answers to Market Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk for the consideration of equity holder and future Investors. We provide an investor point of view Valuation, cash-flow projections and Performance Attribution to pitch with the investors.

Service Offering include:

SWOT Analysis

Valuation Book

Credit, Market and Operational Risks

Benchmark and Best Practices