Operational Budgeting, Forecasting and Analysis

Planning quantitative and financial time series models to predict sales revenue based on local economic and customer variables is an art.  For small and medium businesses we develop aligned models to prepare teams for maximizing market opportunities.

  • Define dependent and independent sales variables
  • Gather data-sets to create models
  • Perform preliminary analysis to identify opportunities• Chose best-fit models to reach specific goals
  • Evaluate cost variables to increase profit margins
  • Improve accuracy through iterative field testing

Financial plan begin with product development and sales objectives. Typically three scenarios – ideal, best and worst case scenarios are created to determine next year’s cash-flow, project additional investments and any change in working capital necessary to meet the sales objectives.

Approach to Long Range Plan(LRP) and Company Growth

  1. Engage with the owners to determine terminal value targets
  2. Develop capital investment proposal model to achieve terminal value
  3. Set goals for improving financial performance of the company
  4. Analyze individual business lines, product lines and services
  5. Evaluate Merger, Acquisition or divestitures
  6. Create methods for analyzing operational performance ongoing basis
  7. Execute strategies for achieving set goals
  8. Automate LRP