Changes in employee mix and cultural expectations influence HR policies. With increasing economic, social, and political issues HR department is in the forefront of reinventing the company. RPA and AI is resetting HR expectations with more automation opportunities. 

HR initiative are driven by ability and speed of adoption to new workforce to remain competitive in the labor market. Hire-to-Retire process automation is becoming a key step in redefining the next level of business performance.

RPA and AI can drive HR change, attract best talent and increase empoyee retention.

HR Digital Transformation

With increasing HR workfload, many executives are starting to make serious investments in automating human resource functions to handle shortage of workforce, increase in productivity and maintain compliance. To meet the needs of Gen Z and millennial workers, HR department has to adopt technology for more automated services.

Cost to hire new employees has gone up significantly. Employee retention continues to be of challenge, cost overrun on benefits and training continues to raise while HR budget is steadily reduced.  To acheive corporate HR objectives, more companies are option for RPA and AI as a reliable tool-kit.

The Business Labs provides complete automation services that enable your organization manage entire Hire-to-Retire functions with accuracy and speed. Without compromising on compliance and other labor practices and laws, create the ability to provide greater employee services at a lower cost.

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Adopt RPA for new employee onboarding
  • Precisely deliver correct employee skills training
  • Reduce healthcare cost through smart automation
  • Manage HR workload without overheads
  • Provide automated compliance and reporting

Focus Areas


Job requirement, postings, candidate sourcing and ranking, resume screening and short-list, interview scheduling, recruitment status monitoring, offer letter process, sign-offs and onboarding.

Performance Management

Appraisal process, manager and peer assessment cycle, 360 feedback, annaul training deployment, bonus and perk rewards.

Payroll + Benefits

Hire-to-payroll automation, hire-to-asset assignment, 401k setup and adminstration, open enrollment process, back-end stock option and FSA account administration.

Workforce Tasks

Employee data entry, expense management automation, promotions, organization changes,  tax form generation, HR audit preparation and HR compliance submissions,

Onboarding + Exit

Background check automation, one-click computer, accounts and other access disablement, data capture and verification of employee entered information without second pair of eyes, termination, roll-off and health benefits management.

Compliance & Reporting

Automatically prepare employee health and safety reports, statutory compliance, individual state and federal labor forms, job classification and diversity reporting.

Why HP Vice Presidents and Directors Choose Us

Reduced Data Entry

Every HR automation project is designed to reduce data workload and keystroke errors. With 3x-7x performance gains, HR managers spend less time in front of the computer and more with employees.

Data validation

HR data accuracy is paramount in daily activities. With automated tasks, HR managers are free of worrying about mistakes. Instead the focus is on giving better employee experience.

ERP, CRM, HRIS and Payroll

Moving data is no more an issue. Automation provides the ability to massage data, present information unique to each system in a timely manner without involvement of overnight batch files, external data provider support and even IT’s help.

Project Delivery

We deliver projects on-time and above customer satisfaction.

Choose one that fits your Organization

While we are focusing on solving the CFO and Controllers issues, you can have more time and focus on the core accounting responsibilities. We offer three customized programs to help you start the digital accounting journal.

HR Automation
One Hour
journey to digital IT
  • Transition to digital HR
  • Prepare to automate
  • Business case and Best Practices
  • ROI tool-kit
HR Automation
Three Hour
In-depth Workshop
  • Digital HR CoE
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Controls and Risk in RPA world
  • Implementing first RPA project
HR Automation
One day
  • Walk through manual process
  • Develop automated steps
  • Conduct automated transaction
  • Reap the automation benefits