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CRM with RPA and Cognitive Techniques

Though most customers have some level of CRM tools, quite often these technologies are not integrated to achieve business performance goals. CRM exits as a repository of customer informatio – name, lead stages, calls , emails references, commentary, proposals and general information.

Can my CRM tell me how many new prospects do I need to contact to make the intended goals for this month? What routes should I take for prospects who are not engaged? If the answer is No, then TBL’s Customer Relationship Management services may help automation and integration of technologies aligned to meet Business Transformation objectives.
TBL’s CRM + PRA service is customized to individual companies on the heels of Business Transformation goals established in initial phases.

  • Changing Needs Identification
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospect Nurturing
  • Sales Funnel
  • Conversion
  • Measures

Changing Needs Identification –Prospect’s changing need drives their desire to buy services. Identifying the need is driven the clicks and where the time is spent in the tracked criteria. Cognitive RPA do the research and feed CRMs with laser focused information.

Lead Generation –With the free flow of information captured in CRM information is captured in description fields. Companies often have to rely on gut feel measure to predict the possibilities of a sale. TBL’s lead generation approach will deliver an accurate model implemented in CRM to generate leads with high probably of sale with a defined criterion.

Prospect Nurturing – prospect engagement to move the reader in a predefined way necessary to increase prospect’s curiosity of a purchase. Through chat bot tools, we make conversations rich and bring in sales executives only when there is a real need for human involvement.

Sales Funnels – TBL will brings over a dozen pre-defined funnels that will be customized to fit the target buyer behavior, desired sales targets and response mechanism. Expect quicker sales inquiries and better conversion.

Conversation – Within CRM implementation, TBL provides sales training with keen focus on differentiating company’s position necessary to accelerate buyer response. Conversations are chat bot drive. Discussions use Natural Language Programming codes to steer conversations, enrich discussions.

Measures – Business Transformation goals drive CRM implementation metrics. This is a key differentiation in TBL’s approach. We focus on alignment, integration and fastest path to reaching a goal.

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