Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence

TBL’s RPA projects take the robot out of the human. RPA projects will free up transaction time in a short span after implementation. Start saving valuable time and money with RPA.

Robotic Process Automation can improve ability to reduce processing workload, overtime and improve employee morale.

Through our efforts, a newly minted digital workforce can perform same three functions as humans through Robotic Process Automation for transaction processing, use Artificial Intelligence for conditional processing decisions and Analytics for reporting competed activities.

Since 2017 we have helped companies explore RPA technologies, develop business cases, build proof of concepts and implement automated environments.  TBL services is designed to transform business functions, create ability to take on more volume of transaction without additional headcount and accelerate growth. TBL’s approach is core to Business Transformation Cost Take-Out and Growth Acceleration services.

TBL RPA+AI service include:

  1. Proof of Concept Artificial Intelligence
  2. Business Case Development
  3. RPA Training
  4. Design, Implementation and Roll-out
  5. Operational support

We have partnered with leading RPA and cognitive technologies to identify best-fit automation solution for your environment. Attend the next webinar to see how RPA can help your environment.

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“The Business Labs fairly unique ability to bring functional expertise and automation skills is quite compelling. Their experience and knowledge immensely helped our resources get prepared before and during our 6 month of RPA roll-out we were engaged with the customer. TBL must be your preferred partner for implementing process automation.

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