When our customers demand heavy duty automated transactional processing, we recommend Automation Anywhere.


Build your digital workforce with the power of Automation Anywhere’s RPA + AI capabilities.

Automation Anywhere

We build commercial-grade bots on Automation Anywhere platform to deliver solutions for Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Services, Higher-Ed industries. Our AA SME design and develop next generation digital workforce designed for optimizing current workforce with the ability to handle demand swings.

  • Discovery Bot – Fast track automation by discovering current processes
  • RPA Workplace – Automate, innovate and speed every repetitive task
  • IQBot – Transform unstructured data with AI
  • Bot Insight – Real-time Analytics for dashboard reporting
  • AARI – Scale RPA across enterprise providing easy access to RPA

Focus Areas

Back Office

Automate back-office and shared services transaction processes activities that are repetitive, manual across multi systems with Automation Anywhere platform.

Front Office

Call Centers, Helpdesk, and other inbound and outbound front offices has the potential to increase revenue, reduce transactional costs while improving customer satisfaction. RPA and AI can help front offices scale efficiently.

Customer Service

Automation to integrate customer journey across IVR, email, SMS, chat, applications, knowledgebase, in-store  provides single point of information source and engagement with the agent.

Sales and Marketing

Energize sales representatives with automated quote, customer research and prospect insights to target. Help accelerate revenue sources with the help of Automation Anywhere platform.

Human Resources

Execute Human Resource processes hands-free. Streamline hiring process and improve employee engagement with Automation Anywhere bots.

Compliance & Reporting

Automatically prepare employee health and safety reports, statutory compliance, individual state and federal forms, job classification and diversity reporting.

Why Companies Choose Us as an Automation Anywhere Partner

Reduced Data Entry

Every HR automation project is designed to reduce data workload and keystroke errors. With 3x-7x performance gains, HR managers spend less time in front of the computer and more with employees.

Data validation

HR data accuracy is paramount in daily activities. With automated tasks, HR managers are free of worrying about mistakes. Instead the focus is on giving better employee experience.

ERP, CRM, HRIS and Payroll

Moving data is no more an issue. Automation provides the ability to massage data, present information unique to each system in a timely manner without involvement of overnight batch files, external data provider support and even IT’s help.

Project Delivery

We deliver projects on-time and above customer satisfaction.

Choose one that fits your Organization

While we are automating business processes, you can have more time and focus on the core  responsibilities. We offer three customized programs to help you start Automation Anywhere Center of Excellence.

Automation Anywhere
  • Automation Anywhere demo
  • Implementation steps
  • Business case and Best Practices
  • ROI tool-kit
Automation Anywhere
  • Automation Anywhere CoE
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Controls and Risk in RPA world
  • Implementing first RPA project
Automation Anywhere
One day
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Conduct automated transaction
  • Implementation plan
  • Reap the automation benefits