With the recent economic deep dive, over 300 million US citizen are shaken to the core. Market gains wiped. Deep inside we know this recession will go past us. We also know the opportunities are far greater than today’s uncertainty.  Talking to a few CFOs and controllers, the general feeling steps from how they see the company fares in the weeks and months ahead – decisions to divert the distress of employee, customers and banks. Investor’s confidence in the executives depend on recovery signs – This is not a comforting news senior executive who were beating their chest until now of the company’s triumph until recently.

Expect to hear two viewpoints – Politicians and economists stress on labor statistics. While average Joe will view from the perspective of his bank account, job and his future. Both perspective are not going to be pretty. That is not the surprise.  But the company’s perspective as an employer targeting revenue growth and profit can incrementally look good. Executives from last week’s conversation are starting to count on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to maintain cost, utilize existing staff to increase customer interaction. While RPA is new to many of the executives, reaping benefits out of a digital worker (bots) is an opportunity for companies to relish. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase profits utilizing RPA!