Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics AX Consulting
We do not sell Dynamics products. You are free to buy from anywhere. As a part of the Business Transformation service we get you the lowest license cost and implement the solutions for you.

Host Analytics

Host Analytics Referral Partner
We bring the best solutions as a part of the transformation effort. Host Analytics is a market leader in reducing Budgeting times and improving the ability to forecast better. We integrate Dynamics AX and Host Analytics and provide a well thought through integrated solution.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere
With deep functional expertise in automating processes, we have a team of advanced certified AA engineers to address wide range of technology and business function automation.

Kryon Software

Kryon Software
Customer who demand heavy load of automated transactions select Kryon RPA. We are trained to solve complex business problem using Kryon's Leo platform and OCR solution to solve cognitive transactions.

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