Manufacturers are dealing with major disruptions and in many cases have been forced to suspend or alter operations. In order to effeciently ramp up production and ensure business continuity, manufacturers must optimize supply chain management. 

Current solutions are not able to address the huge demand/supply shifts, causing inventory and warehouse challenges. These factors limit a company’s ability to reduce costs, provide execteptional service and innovation to its customers, and maintain efficient communication with suppliers.

RPA and AI helps drive manufacturing and supply chain changes, attract best talent and increase operaitonal gains.


Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturers can attain better inventory control while ensuring real-time monitoring of customer demand, production capacity, and inventory levles. With  leaner manufacturing practices with automation expect reduced costs, and enhanced communications with supplier and customers while being more efficient across the value chain.

The Business Labs provides complete automation services that enable your organization manage entire inventory, warehouse and logistics functions with accuracy and speed. Without compromising on compliance and other labor practices and laws, create the ability to provide efficiency at a lower cost.

  • Quote management
  • Customer and supplier onboarding
  • Order management
  • Invoice automation
  • BOM, MRO management
  • Training and compliance automation

Focus Areas


From new customer quote to receiving payment, automate every step through RPA. RPA process provides hands-free, high accuracy email, document and pdf reading ability and conduct business similar to staff activities.


Automate supplier onboarding, bid management, ordering and invoice payments with the benefit of automatic reconciliation, tracking of remaining units, hold and part shipments.

Plan to Build

Automate customer orders, product planning, BOM management, quality checks and broader manufacturing operations.

Demand Planning

Without changes to ERP or new integration automate development of demand planning models, incorporate new data source and increase improve demand efficiency.

Inventory Management

Maintain optimal inventory volume, forecast volume shifts and reduce inventory processing times. Generate notifications and build lead indicators for pro-active measures.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce manual inputs and administrative tasks, respond to supply chain request for proposals, quotes and questions. Identify compliance gaps and provide insights that was previously not possible.

Why Manufacturers Choose Us

Reduced Data Entry

Every manufacturing RPA project is designed to reduce data workload and keystroke errors. With 3x-7x performance gains, floor managers spend less time in front of the computer and more with employees.

Data validation

Manufacturing data accuracy is paramount in daily activities. With automated tasks, floor managers are free of worrying about mistakes. Instead the focus is on building better products.

ERP Automation

Moving data is no more an issue. Automation provides the ability to massage data, present information unique to each system in a timely manner without involvement of overnight batch files, external data provider support without IT’s help.

Project Delivery

We deliver projects on-time and above customer satisfaction.

Choose one that fits your Organization

While we are focusing on solving the Supply Chain issues, you can have more time and focus on the core responsibilities. We offer three customized programs to help you start the digital transformation journey.

Inventory Automation
One Hour
Journey to digital SCM
  • Transition to automated inventory
  • Prepare to automate
  • Business case and Best Practices
  • ROI tool-kit
Inventory Automation
Three Hour
In-depth Workshop
  • Plan-to-Build Automation
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Controls and Risk in RPA
  • Implementing first RPA project
Inventory Automation
One day
  • Walk through manual process
  • Develop automated steps
  • Conduct automated transaction
  • Reap the automation benefits