Traditional businesses, process centric industries and companies intending to automated tasks choose Nintex.

We recommend Nintex when customers want visual process flows, controls and automation in a Microsoft driven enterprise.

Nintex Automation Platform

Gain visibility and control over critical enterprise processes. Make employee adoption of business processes easy with visual mapping and collaborative process actitivites. Increase accountability, progress and depencies visually appealing in a single platform using Nintex Promapp.

Leverage trained bots to quickly automate routine tasks without use of code.

Automatically create documents populated with data from any object and increase speed of sales proposals. Instantly route documents for reviews and redlining, then straight to customers for secure e-signature with Nintex Document Automation.

  • Control process variations
  • Automatically generate, sign, and store documents
  • Instantly build and share documents from O365
  • Automate document delivery and storage

Focus Areas

Nintex Workflows

Reduce time to build processes, integrated with documents and automate existing processes.

Nintex Forms

Allow users to generate forms for their internal applications.

Nintex Mobile

Connect with Sharepoint and other applications via mobile.

Nintex RPA

Develop integrated bots to process business routines, automate on top of existing business applications.

Documentation Automation

Instantly generate and share documents.

Process Analytics

Measure efficiency across process flows, hold-up and evaluate mitigation strategies.

Why HP Vice Presidents and Directors Choose Us

Reduced Data Entry

Every HR automation project is designed to reduce data workload and keystroke errors. With 3x-7x performance gains, HR managers spend less time in front of the computer and more with employees.

Data validation

HR data accuracy is paramount in daily activities. With automated tasks, HR managers are free of worrying about mistakes. Instead the focus is on giving better employee experience.

ERP, CRM, HRIS and Payroll

Moving data is no more an issue. Automation provides the ability to massage data, present information unique to each system in a timely manner without involvement of overnight batch files, external data provider support and even IT’s help.

Project Delivery

We deliver projects on-time and above customer satisfaction.

Choose one that fits your Organization

 We offer three customized programs to help you start with Nintex automation platform.

Nintex Platform
  • Nintex suite overview
  • Prepare to automate
  • Business case and Best Practices
  • ROI tool-kit
Nintex Platform
  • Nintex deepdirve
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Controls and Risk in automation
  • Implementing first project
Nintex Platform
  • Walk through manual process
  • Develop automated steps
  • Conduct automated transaction
  • Reap the automation benefits