Operations Automation

Mid-size companies across US rely on intelligent Robotic Automation platform to manage daily operations. With the unique capability of automating repetitive business processes while changing the way people work, executives realize the cost benefits without compromising quality and speed.

Current rationale for manual activities such as data massaging, data re-entry and moving between systems are securely handled by RPA similar to human task-based steps. AI for automating unstructured data, embedded analytics help reduce Operational workload.

RPA and AI can drive Operational change, reduce cost and improve productivity.

Operations Automations

For many companies operational cost consume significant portion of the potential margin. Manual operational activities in service industry such as capital markets, mortgage processing, legal services, medical records and retail depend on large pool of resources to streamline activities

More than likely the manual repetitive activities involve – PDF to data entry, document reviews, Excel activities, data movement. As a digital assistant to the operations team, RPA has become their right-hand person helping perform these tasks.

The Business Labs provides complete automation services that enable your organization reduce manual, repetitive functions with accuracy and speed. Without compromising on compliance and other labor practices and laws, create the ability to provide greater operational improvement at a lower cost.

  • Supply Chain automation
  • Logistics and Warehouse
  • Medical records management
  • Legal processes – contracts, MSA, NDA
  • Document management
  • Reconciliation and variance management

Focus Areas

Loan Processing

Automating tasks saves the busienss and customers time, reduces overhead, and reduces errors, allowing you to process more loans in less time.

Data Migration

RPA has highly adaptive automation capabilities that can beapplied to any system and help make the data migration process as easy and as quick as possible.

Customer Support

Automate service desk tasks of information research without putting customer on-hold, improve customer/vendor experience by providing insightful information with the help of RPA.

Document Management

RPA can quickly manage tasks such as document retrieval, scan and index, and data extraction to streamline data maanament. RPA handle most document types including invoices, legal document, spreadsheet tables and in multiple languages.

Payment Reconciliation

Improving the efficiency of reconcilaition through automation helps reduce time and costs while increasing the accuracy of reconciliation to minimize re-work, validation and research.

Claims Processing

Streamline the cumerbsome, manual process of claims processing. Increase compliance with the help of RPA. Audit procedures can be easily automated to capture data and generate reports during audits.

Why Operational Directors Choose Us

Reduced Data Entry

Every  automation project is designed to reduce data workload and keystroke errors. With 3x-7x performance gains, operational managers spend less time reacting to immediate constraints and invest more time proactively planning for growth.

Data validation

Operational data accuracy is paramount in daily activities. With automated tasks, operational managers are free of worrying about mistakes. Instead the focus is on operational efficiency and enhanced value chain.

Application Automation

Moving data is no more an issue. Automation provides the ability to massage data, present information unique to each system in a timely manner without involvement of overnight batch files, external data provider support and even IT’s help.

Project Delivery

We deliver projects on-time and above customer satisfaction.

Choose one that fits your Organization

While we are focusing on solving Operationals issues, you can have more time and focus on the core business responsibilities. We offer three customized programs to help you start the automation journey.

Operational Automation
One Hour
journey to automate
  • Transition to digital Operations
  • Prepare to automate
  • Business case and Best Practices
  • ROI tool-kit
Operational Automation
Three Hour
In-depth Workshop
  • Digital Ops CoE
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Controls and Risk in RPA
  • Implementing first RPA project
Operational Automation
One day
  • Walk through manual process
  • Develop automated steps
  • Conduct automated transaction
  • Reap the automation benefits