Recruit a BOT in your Recruitment Team

Reduce drudge work, respond to candidates quicker, and speed up your hires

Key Points: BOTs are potential partners for recruiters to save up on time by taking over routine tasks, freeing up time for more value-added work. BOTs can help engage with applicants, especially from the younger generation, and point them to the right job, screen them during the process and prep them for a human interview.

Every recruiter’ dread: “being overwhelmed with hundreds and thousands of applications”. Anecdotally, most recruiters do not spend more than a few seconds, at best a minute or so, while screening a CV. Thanks to the parsing engines in Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and the increased sophistry in ATS to use AI to rank applicants, recruiters thankfully get a ranked set of applicants.

However, there is that nagging feeling that a good applicant has somehow been missed out by the software. This is known to happen, given that parsers are still not 100% accurate and AI and NLP cannot understand the value of a CV the way an experienced recruiter can. And recruiters are known to back check on the CVs to re-validate if all quality applicants have been shortlisted. Those not using an ATS or not using a modern ATS with a good parser, would have no choice but go through all the CVs that have come in.

Net result: a feeling of being overwhelmed  —> spending insufficient time per CV —> not responding to candidates, except for the auto responder, which totally dehumanizes the interaction and leads to a poor CX.

So, what’s the use case for a BOT in recruitment? Can one really make the recruiter’s life easy? Are companies using these? To what purpose and with what effect? These maybe some of the questions that are worth spending some time over to determine if you should be hiring a BOT or 2 into your team.

An interesting use case: Use a Chatbot to interact with applicants

A chatbot maybe able to handle many of the queries from the hundreds of applicants that you may find difficult to handle, given the paucity of time on hand. You could even get the applicant to interact with the chatbot, and based on the information they share, point them to the right job to apply for. Perhaps, even make the chatbot fill in a form for them and upload a CV. Or get the Chatbot to ask a few screening questions that will allow you to create a long list and eliminate unqualified applications early in the game. The chatbot could then finally set up a call with your recruiter as the next step!

In an interesting case with IKEA, the world’s largest retailer of furniture, a leading RPA solution provider integrated chatbots with the hiring kiosks that were deployed to source applicants in East Europe. Allowing prospective hires to chat and figure out which opportunities were available and which ones that they fit best, allowed for an efficient, streamlined hiring process.

Chatbots have multiple use cases in recruitment – ranging from information gathering to profiling to screening to responding to queries, sending custom messages for engagement and even send out offer letters!

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