“The Business Labs fairly unique ability to bring functional expertise and automation skills is quite compelling. Their experience and knowledge immensely helped our resources get prepared before and during our 6 month of RPA roll-out we were engaged with the customer. TBL must be your preferred partner for implementing process automation.

CPA services company
Partner, Professional Services,

“TBL approaches their engagements with extreme rigor and speed. They quickly assesses the situation and can accurately diagnose the problem and potential solutions. I welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Our company grew over 17% since their implementation of automation tools, a good chunk of growth is due to TBL’s efforts.”

Name Witheld
VP and Controller, Industrial Services, Michigan

“I’ve been working with The Business Labs for over 3 years when we decide to get into business advisory services. Their team provided a turn-key ‘Business Transformation’ service offering to build digital workforce. The processes they use are client friendly and positively addictive to client behavior. We have grown as a company with their help. I am grateful for the help they provide in other areas of business. I would highly recommend The Business Labs to anyone who wants to RPA solutions”

Kate Smith
Partner, Mid-tier CPA Company,

“In 2010, we brought TBL team for implementing a complete Business Transformation program. As a result of the program we increased and maintained a healthy margin. Every year we bring TBL team for an annual review to perform a 1-2% cost take-out exercise and drive yearly sales forecast and annual planning process. We highly recommend his services for any services business that is keen on growth.”

Peter Abnett
CEO, San Ramon, CA

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