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Problem: Client provided back-office business services and tele-marketing services for administrative functions wanted to increase their revenue/seat.

Marketing Strategy: Off-set upside cost, improve tele-marketing response rates and reduce operational cost in lieu of hiring full-time staff;

Solution: Target companies going through wide swings – growing and shrinking companies, provide them with compelling alterative and offer teaser promotions with no risk to the clients. Demonstrate smooth transition, client is offered an long-term offer with convenient terms to increase or decrease as business changes.

Client received great operational benefits, improved working capital and still able to achieve strategic goals at a reduced risk.

Risk free offer, intense sales letter campaigns focused on cost reduction.

Revenue/Seat increased by 18%, occupancy went up to 75% with 47% Q2Q profits.

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“The Business Labs fairly unique ability to bring functional expertise and automation skills is quite compelling. Their experience and knowledge immensely helped our resources get prepared before and during our 6 month of RPA roll-out we were engaged with the customer. TBL must be your preferred partner for implementing process automation.

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